GuitarCodex Plus  
GuitarCodex Plus is a guitar application with a midi interface for players of all levels. You can use it as a tablature chord dictionary and more. GuitarCodex Plus allows you to see and hear chords, scales and displays associated guitar chords in a graphical representation. Using the mouse, fingerings can be made by clicking on the fingerboard.

1. The program can help you figure out the name of a chord. Click on the fretboard graphic to enter the notes of the chord you are trying to name. Then Guitar Codex will attempt to name the chord for you.

2. The program is an arpeggio finder. Choose a root from the selection box on the upper left side, then a chord name from the middle selection box. The program will then display all of the notes of that particular arpeggio on the neck. You can adjust the fret range (scope) and the starting fret at the bottom.

3. Use Guitar Codex as a scale finder. Choose a root on the left, then choose a scale name from the right selection box. The program will then display all of the notes in the scale within the range on the neck that you choose at the bottom.

4. And last Guitar Codex enables you to hear your results.

You can choose from many different tunings, choose whether you want the program to display the arpeggios or scales using note names, or scale functions. You can even reverse the graphic to view the neck from the perspective of a left handed guitar.

This program uses the MIDI sound functionality included in Java™ 2, version 1.3 and up. You must download and install at minimum JRE 1.3 in order for this application to work completely. Get the latest plugin here. It's free!

The hardware option for soundbanks is only available for the Windows platform. There are three sound- banks which you can install on your system. They can be downloaded from

Download GuitarCodex Plus: (137KB)

To install, download the file and save it to the required directory. 
1. Unzip the zip file into any directory (i.e directory is c:/microtools) 2. Double click on GuitarCodex_Plus.jar. If Sun's JRE 1.3 is installed, the program should run, if not click the runJAR.bat file.

Download GuitarCodex Plus with Installer:  
GuitarCodex Plus is freeware and may be freely distributed. That means that you may use it for free to see if it works for you. If you find anything wrong with the software, let me know and I will try to fix the problem immediately. You may not reverse engineer or decompile the software.